A Ballad for the Beloved

Through your eyes I saw serenity and hope

Through those smiles I’ve felt true and immeasurable happiness

In a span of not-so-long-ago

But then,

Time and distance is something I cannot control myself.

I’ve lived through thousands and millions of years yet no matter what it’ll never work out.

Everything I’ve heard of you just makes this feeling stronger.

I may not be with you but eternally, I always think that we were made for each other.

The night is yours

The day is mine.

Together we build the day.

The day that seems to be the infinite sign that

I will never leave your side, no matter what.

I have loved you ever since.

Nothing will ever challenge that.

Your timidness, the way you shine so brightly makes it more magical.

Just a moment of glimpse from you to me, will be enough for me to wait for another rounds of years

to make that eclipse happen again.

To you my dearly Luna,

I can wait years and years and years.

Just for you,

to you my Beloved.