Torn Up

A flicker from anĀ outside post made her thoughts back into her reality.

But whenever she’s seeing through the window pane it makes her feel the painful gust of her own lonely reality.

The musing never ended, it is on the contrary, make every single part of her body embrace the unchangeable truth

of her lonesome days.

She feel naked and vulnerable to any kind of self-destruction motives.

No matter how hard she call his name it is worthless.


The only source of her strength is her arms hugging herself tightly. As if any moment from now,

will break her into pieces that can’t be no longer rebuilt.

A plea of mixed outburst suddenly leave her numbing being,

“In this cold and cruel world you’ve left me, a hope of you coming back to my arms

is still endlessly running to my mind.”


While the tears are continuously traveling through her cheeks.

Her mind is fixed that, no matter what

His endpoint will always be her…


The pain of waiting eternally without any security of returning is her only dependence.