Got up from the other side of the bed. Immediately, everything around seems blunt and pointless.

Stared out blankly in the dusty window, the streets looks narrower than it used to be.

Every single thing around is in a grey or pitch black shade. I looked up and the sky seems no less than brighter than its ashen dusk.

Glancing carefully at the corners of the streets and roads I used to walk on by, during the days when I think, things are a lot better than it is now.

At my reflection, I see, I feel, and I look at nothing.

In a glimpse, it may all look the same but inside, an unintentional surge of adamant sad emotions are coiling up.

Gradually, it’s eating me up and everything around seems like it.

A cliche that can no longer be ignored.

It’s like a world where every thing I see and hear is you. A scrapbook of what the used-to-be memories we have. The feeling is frustratingly exaggerated but it is all true.

Guess, it is my fault to build my whole world dedicated to you. Suffocation is what it is.

Exhaustion from every single moment I’m witnessing. Right from here, to there, to anywhere.. the visions were all about you.

Decided to close my eyes for a moment but then, just right in the picture of us together and all the memories you’ve left are coming right through me, inexplicably.

Nothing can be done, all efforts seem worthless and dysfunctional. I was left with no choice but to deal and taste the painful bite of reality. All I can do is to go through with this affliction. For how long it may be? I don’t know. But surely, it’ll take more and more time than I can ever imagine…


This post was inspired by a song with the same title. I am usually like this, whenever I hear something many ideas are coming through my mind then, I just suddenly decided to produce something poetical out of it. It’s like creating my own interpretation or version of that specific theme. So yeah, this is purely based on the emotions of the song I’ve heard. =)